My Slimming World Experience and What It Taught Me

I started Slimming World (SW) in April 2017. The reasons for me joining are numerous. The most important reason was that I believed I had to be thinner to be beautiful, respected and wanted.

So I joined thinking somehow it would cure my self-hatred. However, it made me realise I don’t need to be thinner to be happy. I knew I needed help in making healthier, alternative choices. I realised that no matter how much weight I would lose it wouldn’t change the view I had of myself. I continued to criticise myself and think my body was disgusting.

I clearly have other issues.

My journey with SW lasted 3 months and I lost 2 and a half stones. The first week alone I lost 9lbs and every week after that I was losing about 3/4lbs.

For those that don’t know what Slimming World is, it’s a UK-based weight loss organisation that provides weight management programmes. You pay £15 to join up and £5 every week when you get weighed.

I didn’t go at it alone, and for that I am grateful. I had friends who already attended the program so I tagged along. We would all walk in, queue up, pay, get weighed and that for me was a moment of pure happiness or heartbreak. I was so focused on how much weight I was losing that I wasn’t even enjoying my food anymore.

I was eating what I was advised, and I stuck to it. It’s not complicated, it’s quite simple as soon as you get your head around healthy options A & B. I was one of those that grasped it pretty easily. I exercised every day, I danced, I walked and I ran. I often walked 4 hours in a day; every day, 7 days a week. It hurt, believe me, but the weight just came off.

It’s a different sort of happiness you get when you step on the scales and see that you have lost weight. It’s not the same happiness you get when you eat a doughnut or a burger, but I was happy. I had days when I struggled with food optimising, I’ve been “big” since I was 8 and I didn’t know any different when it came to food. So when my diet went from chocolate and cake to lean mince and vegetables, a part of me struggled.

Food makes me happy, it really does. Who doesn’t love a cheese pizza with extra cheese or a large glass of wine? I know I do.

Back then, I knew that I wanted to commit to losing weight, so I respected the program and I stuck it out as best as I could. Restraining myself from eating all those lovely comfort foods was hard and when I did have an “off” day I punished myself. I would work out really hard and I’d bully myself mentally into believing I was worthless, that I had let myself down, including my SW group.

Those women supported me so much. They believed that I was losing weight with good intentions. I’m not saying SW is bad, but you must go into these programs with a truthful heart, why do you want to lose weight?


It can’t be for the same reasons I chose.

You will fail miserably.

First, you must work on self-love.

Kirsty. Xx

8 thoughts on “My Slimming World Experience and What It Taught Me

  1. Great post but I really like the second paragraph in particular, not because of what you say but because there is an important message in there which we can all learn from. Self love is massively important too because even if a person has one genuine nice quality they are not worthless. Thank you for sharing this post!

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  2. Love this! I completely agree that when you go change anything about yourself or make a life changing decision whatever that may be, one must do it having the most love and respect from themselves first and must know why they are doing it! I know how hard that must of been but just know the reasons why you decided I join the program and hey if you achieved your goal that is a set forward in the right direction! I’m sure you can still enjoy something every now and then, we are human after all xoxo

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