14th September 2017


This isn’t the first time you have been ill and it won’t be the last. I just want you to know, no matter how tired I get. I will always take care of you. I called your nursery to explain that you wouldn’t be in after you kept me awake all night with a fever. I ended up taking you to the Doctors as your temperature was 40.1°C.

You behaved so well. Usually you throw a tantrum because you hate being told what to do. Everyone who knows you always says “He is a determined little boy” and I want to believe you get that from me.

I sit you on the chair next to me rather than on my knee; I know how you like your independence and I respect that. The doctor listened to my concerns and checked you all over, you sat so patiently. He asked you to open your mouth and you did, no questions asked. Even the doctor was surprised to have a patient your age behave so well. So for that thank you.


Redness at the top of your throat with a dry caugh, no antibiotics needed. I give you calpol when the temperature sets in, which I know you hate, sorry! And that cough could last up to 3 weeks.

I know you will go through more than this, but just remember I am here, making you as comfortable as I can. You are so brave and I hope that one day you will take the medicine without me having to bribe you!

Until then, rest.

I love you,


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