Blogtober 2017 – Day 5

I am obsessed with candles, especially around this time of year! I have them all over my home. I love to burn them in the evenings or when I’m having a bath. With the change of season, I wanted to try out my all-time favourite Yankee Candles. So I picked up the NEW 2017 Fall In Love Collection.

The Votives cost £1.99 each and they are wonderful samples!

The candles are a great way to welcome Autumn into your home, they are designed to surprise! Bright and bold in both colour and scent. They create a lovely warm atmosphere in your home.


  • Autumn Glow
  • Warm Cashmere
  • Mulberry & Fig Delight
  • Vibrant Saffron
  • Black Coconut – This is a FAVE of mine, it isn’t from the Autumn Collection but it’s perfect all year round.

Have you tried the Fall In Love Collection yet? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know, please leave your comments below.

Kirsty. Xx

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