Blogtober 2017 – Day 6

I wanted to share a photo with you from when I was fostered. It brings back lots of memories, it’s the only photo I have. I cherish it always. I am 5 years old and posing with my foster carers daughter Lauren. We dressed up as Indians that day.

Forgive the haircut. The bowl cut was a thing back in the 90s. This photo was all about the dress. It was the most expensive thing I had owned at that age! I remember Margret (my foster parent) telling me not to get it dirty or I’d be in trouble. Saying that she was a warm loving lady and I am grateful for everything she did for me during the time she fostered me. We lived on a farm and I would go out to collect chicken eggs and feed the ducks.

Margret took good care of me. I have lots of fond memories because of her. I was in and out of foster care for years. My mother couldn’t cope. I don’t blame her, she is a wonderful mother and an amazing grandmother to my son.

I’d love to know if you have a photo you cherish? Have you ever been in foster care? Let me know in the comments below.

Kirsty. Xx

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