I’m sure that if you’re into beauty then you know that LUSH have launched their Halloween (and Christmas) products already!

My obsession with Lush is quite serious, and this year they have launched 17 Halloween items. All items including the Christmas range can be purchased via the ‘Lush App’ (for those that can’t wait) or you can shop at your local store from the 6th October 2017!

The first item that immediately went into my cart was the Black Rose Naked Lip Tint. 

I love the packaging free items from Lush! They have been campaigning Naked products for a while now, but at this year’s Creative Showcase they gave out all the juicy details about the upcoming Naked collection for Christmas. The reason behind this is to continue to cut back on the packaging. Win. Win.

Secondly: Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb. 

This is a brand-new Bath Bomb! Lush even named it after Ectoplasm; you know that slimy green stuff that ghosts vomit all over people in movies. It’s made with carrageenan seaweed and grapefruit oil and leaves the water a little gloopy, it’s completely different to other bath bombs.

Thirdly: Bewitched Bubble Bar.

This bubble bar has been shaped into a black cat’s face, with big yellow eyes. Bewitched looks like the witches familiar sidekick. It has a lovely berry sent and the water turns dark. You can get up to 3 baths out of this, despite its size. So don’t let that put you off.

Finally: Pumpkin Bath Bomb.  

This bath bomb is spooky and cute! It smells of homemade pumpkin pie, full of spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla. It turns the bath water orange and leaves your skin smooth and smelling divine. This is one of my favourites from the lush Halloween collection.

That’s it for my mini Lush haul. I can’t wait to celebrate Halloween, anyone else counting down the days?

Kirsty. Xx


    1. You will love it! I find the depth of colour changes with my temperature and it lasts for days. Your fingertips get stained too, so I don’t handle mine for too long. Let me know what you think when you do try it. x


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