Blogging so far…

The blogging community is amazing! The support I have seen and received tends to outweigh the negative. The majority encourage, motivate and teach you. All bloggers are unique, we don’t fit and shouldn’t fit into one category. My piece of advice would be to not focus on the numbers. Focus on writing what you love and the rest will follow.

I am grateful to have the support of the blogging community. I recently received 100+ followers on my blog. Which has influenced me to write this post.

I have a lot of respect for bloggers. The amount of time and effort put into keeping blogs up to date is incredible. I have been blogging less than 2 months and I’ve already come across my own struggles. I’m still learning. I know that my blog isn’t ‘perfect’ but it’s my little piece of the social world where I can write about what I love.

Blogging is meant to be special. Yes, a lot of people do it. I remember when I started I said to my BF “oh god, I’m just another beauty & lifestyle blogger. Who needs another one of those!’ When in fact we all individually bring something to the table. No blog is the same. No point of view is the same and that’s what makes blogging a great community.

So what do I want from this blog? 

This blog is my space, it’s for me just as much as it is for anyone else. It’s where I can write about anything I want, especially body positivity and self-love. I’ve fought with my body since I can remember and continue to do so to this day. This is my space to write my journey and hopefully help others feel less alone and more empowered. This is a positive space. For all. Yes, I write about cosmetics but that comes easily to me. Writing about self-love takes time. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Kirsty. Xx

14 thoughts on “Blogging so far…

  1. YESSS this post!! I was thinking this the other night the fact there’s so many lifestyle bloggers and I’m just another one of them but you’re so right in saying every single one of them is different. We all have our different personalities and styles x x

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  2. Congratulations on reaching 100 + followers!
    I’ve also started to blog recently and I can totally relate to what you said. It’s definitely a learning process and I’m glad to share this experience with other fellow bloggers like you. 🙂

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