Body Positivity E-Course Experience

One of my October goals was to complete the e-course but I never got round to finishing it, so this post will focus on lessons 1-6 and what I have learnt so far.

I started following Uncustomary at the beginning of 2017. Mary England has experienced her own struggles with mental health, which is where her passion came from to help other people by teaching them how to love and accept themselves.

I only recently became a Uncustomary Babe. Yay! I pay $3 a month for the Basic Plan Membership.

Which includes the following:

  • A welcome letter and an official membership card.
  • Access to exclusive Facebook Support Group, with weekly prompts and monthly challenges.
  • Snail mail surprise in the mailbox once a month.
  • Dozens of content upgrades from blog post, including downloadable lists, printable signs etc. (Updated monthly)
  • 100+ pre-made social media images. (Updated weekly)

If you would like more information on all of the Uncustomary Membership Plans, click here.

Mary also has a number of online courses, I chose the Body Positivity e-course. I paid $22, about £16.70 in GBP. I chose this because I need help learning how to love my body. If you would like to check out the other online courses, click here.

So let’s begin…

Lesson 1: What is beauty?

Beauty is something that pleases you in some way but that doesn’t mean you have to find them physically attractive. Body positivity and self-esteem work are all about re-learning what you know. It takes a lot of time and lot of energy to do this.

Lesson 2: What is body positivity?

Body positivity is a form of self-love directed at your physical being. Body positivity is for everyone. No one has the right to decide who deserves to feel good about their bodies. All bodies are different. We should love them and accept them. You only have one.

Lesson 3: Preconceived notions of beauty.

Social norms….fuck them!!

Lesson 4: Challenging norms.

Mary asks “why are women not allowed to show their nipples but men are?” We should be challenging those kinds of norms and spread the word! Don’t be scared to ask questions!

Lesson 5: What would you change about your body?

Honestly, ask yourself this question. Mary linked up a video of young children being asked the exact same question and the answers were incredible! One child said “unicorn horn” and another “polka dot skin”. I said my belly fat, and you also probably went to a place of insecurity because of social norms.

Lesson 6: I don’t need to cover my under eye circles.

Why do you need to cover your under eye circles? Quick answer, you don’t! No part of you needs to be covered. Those under eye circles are there for a reason. But if you wish to cover them up with concealer or even glitter as Mary suggests, you can. The decision is completely yours!

So, that’s it for lesson 1-6. I will complete the rest of the course over the next few months. To respect Mary and her work, I won’t be blogging about the rest of the course.

So far the experience has been wonderfully enlightening, and I can’t wait to complete the rest of the course. I highly recommend checking out Uncustomary, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Kirsty. Xx

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