Addie Earring Advent Calendar

After looking around for a unique Advent Calendar, I came across this one from Avon. It’s called Addie Earring Advent Calendar. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. Others are chocolate, skincare, or make-up oriented. This one has a new set of earrings for 25 days of December, which is brilliant.

The advent calendar comes in a grey tinted box with the classic Christmas quote “Have yourself a Merry Christmas” across the front in a range of different fonts.

When you open up the calendar, you can see 25 small doors. Behind each one is a set of Christmas earrings. I love that the numbers are written differently for each day. Again the design is similar to the front.

I genuinely like this advent calendar. It’s aimed at teens, but if you’re obsessed with earrings like me, then it would be a wonderful gift. For those who are looking to gift a non-traditional advent calendar, this would be a great option.

This costs £10.00 and you can purchase the calendar here. I definitely think it’s worth the money, it works out about 40p a set of earrings. My favourite has to be the snowflakes.

Getting a new set of earrings for 25 days is a great idea. All the designs are really cute and festive. Oh, just an idea. If you come across a pair that you don’t like, you could easily gift wrap them and gift them to charity.

Who else is ready for Christmas? I know I am.

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Kirsty. Xx

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