January Goals

December was a very difficult month for me. I attended a funeral, Connor was poorly on Christmas Day, my brothers 10 year death anniversary was on the 27th and I ended a relationship with someone whom I shared many memories with. Throughout of all this, I smiled and stayed as positive as I could. I've … Continue reading January Goals

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hi everyone! Today’s post is all about The Mystery Blogger award! I’m so happy I’ve been nominated. First of all, I owe a massive thank you to Kianna for nominating me for this award. You can find her answers here! For those who don’t know much about this award; it was originally made by Okoto Enigma, check … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

12 Days of Blogmas 2017: Day 5

You know it’s December when your favourite beauty products come in massive gift boxes! Today’s Blogmas post is about The Iconic Collection from The Body Shop. First of all, this would be a perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to try out The Body Shop, it ranges from bath & body, skincare and make-up. … Continue reading 12 Days of Blogmas 2017: Day 5

Blogtober 2017 – Day 4 

I came across Beauty and The Bookshelves Autumn Tag, it was such a pleasure to read so I’ve taken her up on the offer to do the tag myself. Thank you Hollie. 1.) Flannels or Jumpers? Jumpers. There’re back in fashion around this time of year plus they keep you warm. 2.) Fairylights or Candles? I’m a … Continue reading Blogtober 2017 – Day 4 

Review: No7 Youthful Skincare Collection

One of my September goals was to get into a skincare routine that works for me but before I can do that, I need to find the right products. So, I picked up No7 Youthful Skincare Collection from Boots for £20.00. To find out more visit Boots; No7 Skincare. Here are my thoughts on the collection. … Continue reading Review: No7 Youthful Skincare Collection